Everything at your fingertips in one easy book


Podiatry PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick) has been a long time coming. It is condensed version of everything you are going to need in clinical practice. It will be concise and easy to read. The book is written in note form and is packed full of evidence based information and clinical pearls. Everything is covered.

I am convinced that those with this book will be referring to it regularly. I have deliberately written the book that way. What is not covered in the book is a more academic treatise of the topics covered, which I hope is its real strength. However, that will not be forgotten. Once the book is published, this website will then have that academic content of the topics that is not covered in the book, so it can be kept as the handy reference. I have chosen to self-publish the book via CreateSpace and it will be available on Amazon.com. A full list of the chapters is here and there is a bit more about me here.

Craig Payne


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